Nordmeister is a music production team based in Venice Beach, California. They write and produce music for artists, commercials and film. 

Malte Hagemeister, born April 23rd 1973, is a music producer, composer and guitarist from Hamburg, Germany. He moved to California in 2011.

Kristian Nord, born January 2nd 1977, is a music producer, composer and studio drummer from Hamburg, Germany. Since 2005 he lives in California. He is a voting member of the Grammys.

Together they have sold more than 8 million records and won many international awards
(1x Diamond, 35x Platinum, 28x Gold, 4 MTV Music Awards, 1 Arabian Music Award, 1 Silver Cannes Lion, 2 Bronze Lions)

Clients include: Red Bull, Gillette, Volkswagen, Nike, Dove, Nivea, Porsche, Subaru, Pepsi, BMW, Daimler/ Chrysler, Unilever, Deutsche Bahn, Tassimo, Cosmos, Skoda, Smart, Mercedes, Greenpeace, Siemens, McDonald's, Payless Shoes, KFC, Renault, Ikea, Audi, Sony Ericsson, EA Games, AOL, Honda, Budweiser, Olympus, Dodge, BMW, Axe, Sony, Yamaha, Motorola, Burton, Dodge, Clearasil, Tacobell, Katjes, Equinox, Robin Hood, Media Markt, HTC

Artists include:Randy Jackson, Paul Stanley, Adoro, Tokio Hotel, Sugababes, Timo Maas, Kelis, Sarah Brightman, Brian Molko, Mads Langer, Mousse T, Fettes Brot, Deichkind, Denyo, Martin Buttrich, Bela B., Jaw, Be, Urban Delights

Syncs include: The Italian Job, The O.C., C.S.I., Nanny Diaries, John Tucker Must Die, Rizzoli & Isles, The Loop, Six Feet Under, Boston Legal, Dr. House, FIFA Football 2003, Chase Bank, JC Penne
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